09 July, 2021

Guidance published: Haemodialysis antimicrobial barrier caps

Health Technology Wales has today published national Guidance on Haemodialysis antimicrobial barrier caps.

We appraised the clinical and cost effectiveness of Haemodialysis antimicrobial barrier caps.

The evidence supports the routine adoption of ClearGuard HD antimicrobial barrier caps for use with haemodialysis catheter hubs.

Clinical evidence shows that the use of ClearGuard HD caps reduce the rate of blood stream infections compared to standard caps. Economic modelling suggests that the use of ClearGuard HD has the potential to lead to overall cost savings.

Health Technology Wales recommends the collection of real world audit data around the use of ClearGuard HD caps in Wales.

The status of our Guidance is that NHS Wales should adopt this guidance or justify why it has not been followed. We will evaluate the adoption and impact of our Guidance.

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