23 October, 2023

International social care intervention network invites HTW director to join its board

We are pleased to announce that Dr Susan Myles, Director of Health Technology Wales, has been appointed to the board of directors of INSIA – the International Network for Social Intervention Assessment.


INSIA is a network of international organisations that supports and promotes the use of social care interventions based on evidence-based decision making. Its aim is to improve people’s lives by promoting the use of evidence-informed social care interventions.


By joining the INSIA board of directors, Dr Susan Myles is reinforcing HTW’s commitment to identifying and appraising innovative technologies and models of care to support the social care sector in Wales.


HTW established a partnership with Social Care Wales in 2021 which culminated in the publication of a Social Care Action Plan setting out how to adapt HTW’s topic appraisal process for the social care sector.  Through the partnership the two organisations have shared expertise about how HTW can better engage with and meet the needs of the social care sector in Wales. They have also joined forces to run a series of workshops and roundtable events and a campaign calling for suggestions of social care technologies and models of care and support that HTW could appraise.


HTW published its first piece of social care guidance in 2021 on START – a psychological support programme for carers of people with dementia.


Speaking about her appointment Dr Susan Myles said: “I am delighted to have joined this prestigious international network of organisations working to promote and support evidence-based decisions on social care interventions.


“This will provide an important opportunity to share expertise and insight on the interventions with the most potential to support people who are receiving social care support.”


Anyone is welcome to suggest a social care technology or model of care or support that HTW could appraise. To take part visit the Suggest a Topic page on the HTW website.