24 April, 2019

We’ve grown! Meet our new recruits

Three new members of the Health Technology Wales team

The Health Technology Wales (HTW) team has grown again in recent months, with the recruitment of three new team members.

Our newest recruit is Matthew Prettyjohns, who began the role of Principal Researcher in March. Matthew came from the National Guideline Alliance where he worked as a Senior Health Economist in the development of guidelines for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). As well as overseeing our technology appraisals, Matthew’s role will be to develop our relationship with industry and our scientific advice function.

Sophie Hughes joined as a Health Economist in December 2018. She was previously a Health Economist at the National Guideline Centre, where she worked on the national guidelines for acute stroke management and diverticular disease. Sophie first became interested in health economics during her Master of Public Health degree.

Dewi Powell, our new Communications Officer, also started in December. Coming from an arm’s length body of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Dewi is experienced in media relations, digital communications, events and stakeholder engagement. He’ll be responsible for raising the HTW’s profile, and managing how our Guidance and information is shared.

We also had our first Team Building event at the end of March, which helped us to discover our corporate animal personal animal types. This improved our team communication as we tackled The Enigma Challenge, a high energy experience with a ton of interactive tasks!