Reports & Guidance

We publish three different types of report:

Topic Exploration Report (TER) – A TER is published once the initial evidence search on a topic has been carried out. The TER is presented  to the HTW Assessment Group who decide whether the topic should be accepted onto the HTW work programme.

Evidence Appraisal Report (EAR) – Once a topic is accepted onto the HTW work programme, the HTW researchers complete a rapid review of the available evidence on the topic, assess the evidence and draft an EAR. This is reviewed by the topic referrer, independent experts and the HTW Assessment Group before being finalised.

Guidance (GUI) – Guidance on whether the evidence supports adoption of a technology in Wales is produced by the HTW Appraisal Panel which appraises the evidence available in the EAR  alongside expert, patient and public input. The guidance summaries the key evidence and and any implications for the health and social care sectors in Wales.

Expert Review Documents: As part of our appraisal process, we invite experts on a particular topic to take part in an expert review of our draft Evidence Appraisal Report (EAR) on that topic. We ask reviewers to provide comment, either on specific issues/uncertainties that our research team need help clarifying, or the general content of the report and its robustness.  Expert review documents are available to view in the additional documents section of our topic pages.

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