07 March, 2023

Support the development of the Health Technology Wales Appraisal Process Guide



We have produced a draft Appraisal Process Guide, which aims to clearly explain our health technology appraisal process to external stakeholders.


Our goal is to increase understanding of the Health Technology Wales appraisal process, for anyone interested in our work or considering submitting a non-medicine health or care technology for appraisal.


The document explains the process we use for appraisals including:

  • Initial topic submission and selection
  • Production of a Topic Exploration Report (TER)
  • Selection of topics for further work, in the form of an Evidence Appraisal Report (EAR)
  • Production of an EAR
  • Production of guidance


It also describes some of what happens after an appraisal has been completed: how we monitor the impact and adoption of our guidance, and the circumstances under which guidance may be changed or updated.


The guide is a draft document, and we are seeking feedback on whether it provides a clear description of our process and if there is additional information we should include.


The appraisal process guide can be read here.


The appraisal process guide glossary can be read here.


We would very much appreciate your feedback which you can submit by completing our consultation survey using this link: