Case Study

23 March, 2023

Watch our latest case study video

We are pleased to unveil our latest case study video which describes our appraisal of FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring and how it led to the publication of national guidance for Wales.


The FreeStyle Libre  (FSL) glucose monitoring device is a sensor worn by people living with diabetes  to monitor their blood sugar levels, enabling them to manage their condition more effectively and without the need for multiple finger prick tests throughout the day.


Our guidance, which was published in September 2021, recommended the routine adoption of FSL in Wales  and concluded that despite being more expensive, flash glucose monitoring was more effective and should be made available to everyone with diabetes who needs insulin for treatment.


To highlight the potential impact of this guidance and to raise awareness of how the HTW topic appraisal process works we worked with the video production company Working Word to create a case study about the process of appraising FSL.


The case study video features interviews with Health Technology Wales Chairman, Professor Peter Groves and Dr Julia Platts, National Clinical Lead for Diabetes in Wales and with a woman living with a diabetes who has benefited from using the FLS device to monitor her own glucose levels.


To watch the video click here.


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