18 September, 2023

Appeal launched for technologies to support NHS Wales COVID-19 recovery


An appeal for ideas of technologies that could support the NHS Wales COVID-19 recovery process has been launched by Health Technology Wales.


Welsh Government has set out ambitious targets to tackle the impact COVID-19 has had on NHS activity and performance levels including plans for reducing waiting times for outpatient appointments,  diagnostic tests,  treatment and to be seen in an emergency department.


Now HTW is inviting health and care professionals, technology developers, academics, and members of the public to submit their suggestions of non-medicine health and care technologies that could help solve those challenges.


The organisation, which appraises non-medicine health and care technologies and produces national guidance on whether they should be adopted in Wales, will assess the evidence available on each health and care technology submitted and whether they meet the criteria for assessment.


Professor Peter Groves, Chair of HTW, said: “Our aim is to help drive the development and adoption of health and care solutions in Wales that can support Welsh Government health and care priorities.


“The impact of COVID-19 on our health systems has been immense and innovative solutions are needed to tackle challenges such as long waiting times for patients.


“We would appeal to anyone with an idea for a non-medicine health or care technology with the potential to tackle those challenges to get in touch.”


To take part visit the Suggest a Topic page on the HTW website.