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Do you know about a technology or model of care and support in health or social care that Health Technology Wales could appraise?


We appraise a wide range of technologies and models of care and support. For health, this could include medical devices, diagnostics, procedures, and psychological therapies. For social care, this could include equipment and environmental design, or different models for supporting families, children, adults and the workforce. Health Technology Wales does not appraise medicines.


Anyone can suggest a topic that they think we could appraise, and we are keen to receive suggestions from people with a wide range of backgrounds, including the general public. Previous suggestions have come from people:

      • working in health or social care
      • accessing health or social care services
      • providing care to a family member or friend
      • developing or researching technologies and models of care and support for health or social care
      • supporting people through third sector and voluntary organisations

To suggest a topic, please complete our online form below. This is the first step of our appraisal process and the information you provide will help determine whether the topic is within our remit and appropriate for us to assess.

If it would be helpful to discuss your topic or have support completing the form, please do contact us.

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