06 October, 2020

Health Technology Wales announces a new Scientific Advice Service for health tech developers – HTW SAS

Health technology developers can optimise their route to market with help from Health Technology Wales (HTW), the independent national organisation set up by the Welsh Government to appraise non-medicine technologies.

We’ve launched the new HTW Scientific Advice Service, a consultancy to support health technology developers in Wales. It assists them to develop evidence and demonstrate value that meets the needs of care commissioners, care providers, patients and service users.

The HTW Scientific Advice Service is fee-based and being offered at highly competitive rates to improve health for people in Wales. It’s available for technology developers of all sizes; from individuals and new startups to research departments, think tanks and large multinational companies.

Matthew Prettyjohns, our Principal Researcher, said: “We’re really pleased to start providing the HTW Scientific Advice Service to developers. We know from speaking to tech developers that this is an area where they would appreciate more support.

“We aim to support them to overcome barriers to market access by helping them to consider the best types of evidence, identify gaps in their existing evidence and take the next steps to bring a product to market. This could be useful for companies at various stages of their development. Crucially, our input will help them to save time and resources, too.

“Our independent service can really make a difference by providing high quality research expertise. It will enable health and care that is demonstrably effective and informed by evidence, benefitting people in Wales.”

The HTW Scientific Advice Service is appropriate for a range of non-medicine health technologies, such as medical devices, diagnostics, procedures etc.

We’re making use of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Medtech Early Technical Assessment (META) Tool, an online structured framework, to deliver the HTW Scientific Advice Service.

Click here to start: HTW Scientific Advice Service.