28 February, 2020

Health Technology Wales launches two new e-publications


An image of a computer, phone and notepad on a desk

We’re pleased to announce two new e-publications that will give you regular news and updates straight to your inbox: HTW Quarterly and HTW Guidance Alerts.

HTW Quarterly is an e-newsletter sent on the first working day of every quarter, starting on Monday 2 March 2020. It’s an all-encompassing round-up of our activities to improve care in Wales and will include news, latest Guidance and reports, events, training opportunities and more.

HTW Guidance Alerts are email notifications sent every time we publish a new piece of health technology Guidance. Our Guidance issues recommendations on the use of a technology for health and/or care, and summarises the key evidence and implications for the technology in Wales. This enables commissioners and decision-makers to provide evidence-informed care.

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Both HTW Quarterly and HTW Guidance Alerts are relevant to people working in the health, care and industry sectors, and in some cases for patients, service users and members of the public. The e-publications will share information as we fulfil our role to support a national approach to the identification, appraisal and adoption of non-medicine health technologies in Wales.

Is there something you think we should include in our next HTW Quarterly bulletin? Let us know at with ‘HTW Quarterly’ in the subject line.