09 October, 2023

Life Sciences Hub Wales’ new report highlights how innovation is fuelling transformation across health and social care

Life Sciences Hub Wales has published its latest Impact Report. It highlights the strength of the Welsh innovation landscape and how its support is enhancing quality of care, optimising service delivery and initiating essential economic growth and job creation.


The organisation supports partners working across health, social care, industry, academia and the third sector by acting as a connector, driver and facilitator to drive the development and adoption of life science innovation in health and social care in Wales.


Highlights from the report include:



  • 262 organisations
  • 105 jobs
  • 39 adoption ready proposals
  • 37 funding proposals



  • £23.5m funding
  • £13.2m investment



  • £5.8m Gross Value Added (GVA)
  • £4.7m of value to the system


Life Sciences Hub Wales uses concise case studies, testimonials and key insights to demonstrate how they’re supporting industry with the development and adoption of key technologies such as artificial intelligence, precision medicine and remote monitoring. Alongside working with heath and social care to understand their needs and ensure these solutions help support them.


An extensive range of projects are mentioned including:


  • Initial partner convening and support of the QuicDNA project, where cross-sector partners are working to evaluate pioneering liquid biopsy genomics technology to speed up the diagnosis pathway for lung cancer patients.


  • How early-stage support of the All-Wales National Robotics-Assisted Surgery Programme has facilitated remarkable growth. This minimally invasive technology has treated hundreds of cancer patients and trained dozens of staff, with benefits including quicker recovery time and bringing vital jobs opportunities to Wales.


  • Comprehensive funding support work for innovators on a range of bid opportunities including Biomedical Catalyst: Advanced Precision Medicine and the UKRI Digital Health Hub Pilot.



The report is now able to download in full on Life Sciences Hub Wales’ website.