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Suggest a topic

  • About the technology

  • Any information is helpful but if you do know any the following details, please include here: name of the technology or way of working, stage of development, current or planned use in Wales. If the suggestion relates to a medical device or a diagnostic or digital technology, please include regulatory status, if known.
  • For example, would it be used for a specific health problem or condition, or would it be relevant for adults, or children and young people accessing social care. Any information is helpful, but if you do know any following details, please include below: number of people who might be eligible for this technology or way of working, details of groups of people that would benefit most, variation in access or outcomes, potential impact on health inequalities.
  • How the non-medicine health technology fits into the existing diagnostic, treatment or care pathway

  • Examples could include GP surgeries, hospital settings (e.g. within inpatient units or surgical theatres), care homes, supported living, support in people’s homes, fostering, adult placement. Please be as specific as possible, and include all possible settings that are relevant.
  • Any information is helpful, but if you do know any following details, please include below. anticipated benefits to health, wellbeing and delivery of health and care in Wales, relevance to national health and care priorities, the resources and cost needed to deliver the technology or way of working (e.g. equipment and staff), whether other health and social care costs might be increased or reduced
  • For example, are you aware of publications or reports that show how well it works or any examples of it working in practice in Wales or elsewhere?
  • For example, what key outcomes would show that there was a beneficial impact for people accessing health or social care? Or does it offer other benefits such as a reduction in costs, or a reduction in time taken to treat or diagnose a condition or identifying unmet needs?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.