25 March, 2020

Case study: NICE Liaison Group

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What did we do?

In March 2018, we organised and hosted a workshop entitled ‘NICE Guidance: from on the website to on the ground.’

The purpose of the workshop was to learn about and share ideas on optimising the use of NICE guidance in Wales, from dissemination to implementation.

Who with?

We invited a wide range of healthcare stakeholders to take part in the workshop, including clinical and health care professionals. The presentations gave an overview of NICE in Wales, including examples of NICE guidance being implemented and making a difference to care in Welsh settings.

What were the reactions?

Attendees learnt about NICE’s objective to work with people on the ground to support the adoption and impact of NICE guidance, and how the NICE Liaison Group was working to achieve this. This included real examples of supporting use of NICE products in service improvement, exploring systematic ways to implement NICE guidance and to identifying how best to share guidance. They also learnt about available resources on the NICE website, including decision-making tools, a resource planner and audit tools.

The workshop included an afternoon session of small group discussions around different themes relating to the governance, dissemination and implementation of NICE guidance in Welsh organisations. This allowed delegates to share ideas and key issues surrounding the adoption of health technology guidance.

“The team’s input was refreshing, extremely organised and very welcome. I have been impressed with the input from the HTW team in the brief time I have known them… HTW and all the staff I have met have been easy to work with and very focused on positive outcomes. I sincerely hope to work with HTW a lot more in the future.”
Dr Julia Terry, NICE Fellow,
Associate Professor, Swansea University

What difference did this make?

Following on from the workshop, we’ve continued to have a close relationship with NICE through a Memorandum of Understanding, working together to support appraisal and implementation of non-medicine technology guidance in Wales. The workshop also highlighted the need for a designated NICE role within Wales to support adoption, which led to the dedicated role of a NICE Implementation Facilitator for Wales.

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